Our Story



How We Met

Jason’s sister, Dominique, invited Amber and Kaia to a Matisyahu concert that she was taking Jason to for his birthday.  It was instant chemistry.  About a month later on October 13th, we had our first official date.

The Proposal

First a little backstory.  Orcas Island is the getaway place that we always go to, our special place. On our first visit to Orcas Island, we discovered there was a store called Kizmit.  In the beginning of our relationship, Jason would always tell me that it was kismet that we met, so finding that store was icing on the cake. It was then that Orcas Island became coined as our love island.

My parents were in town in April 2012 and we all took a trip up to Orcas Island.  After shopping in Kizmet, Jason got down on one knee and proposed.  Right there in the store!  I was so surprised that I said “Holy shit” before saying “Yes!”