The Big Day



10 | 13 | 2014

4:00 pm

Dreams Riviera Cancun



Third time is a charm!  We have changed the date and now have changed the location.  All information has been updated on this site.  Hope you can make it.

Amber and Jason invite you to meet them barefoot at the beach on October 13, 2014 at 4pm at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Reception will follow soon after.

Our wedding colors will be shades of purple and silver.

Clothing requirements: Beach wedding attire.  Temperatures can get into the 90s in October.   Feel free to incorporate our wedding colors, but it is not required.

Why a beach wedding?

Ever since Amber saw a wedding on a beach in the Cayman Islands, she knew that was what she wanted.  We wanted a nontraditional ceremony and decided to combine it with our love of the beach.

Why the Caribbean?

We knew we wanted our wedding to be in the Caribbean for the sun and the beaches, and it was just a matter of finding out where. We knew we wanted all-inclusive so after many Google searches we found Beaches Resorts. Sadly, we are having to change venues to something cheaper. After many comparisons, we decided on Dreams Riviera Cancun in Mexico.

Isn’t October still hurricane season?

Yes it is.  The plus side of that is that it won’t be peak season and the resort shouldn’t sell out.  The trip will be slightly cheaper as well.  In the case of the hurricane, our travel agent will help us with options and we’ll go from there.    Make sure you get the travel insurance as that will cover any changes.