"Big Movie Sound"" Thanks

Thanks to:

  • Universal and Warner Brothers Pictures for providing clearances for the two films, without which the event couldn't have happened.
  • Illya Friedman of Wexler Video for providing hundreds of feet of BNC cabling, many adapters, and a video monitor to enable us to give Dane & Gary full control over the DVD player.
  • David McRell (picture editing), Bill Dean (sound editing & mixing), and Dane A. Davis (permission and action photographs of sound effects recording) of Danetracks for helping to put together the pre-show sound factoid/BG loop.
  • Aletha Henderson, Scheduling Coordinator of Dolby Laboratories, Inc., for providing the on site technical assistance of Gary Meisner, who was invaluable in setting up the theater's 5.1 digital playback from the DVD player and helping with the constant switching of sound sources in the projection booth during the event.
  • Dan Shulz of DTS for making new & improved disks for "Jurassic Park" so that we could play just part of the 35mm print.
  • Dave Rosen of Worldlink Digital for providing a state-of-the-art ProTools rig for the pre-show demonstration of sound effects editing.
  • At the American Cinematheque: Programmer Dennis Bartok for saying yes when approached about the idea; Programmer Gwen Deglise for taking care of us on the day of the show; Head of Publicity & Advertising Margot Gerber for spreading the word from the Cinematheque's end of things; Head Projectionist Paul Rayton for performing under the pressure of having to juggle so many sources during the night; and the staff and volunteers who provided solid support as we took over their Egyptian Theater for the night.
  • Midge Costin, MPSE, for providing transport to and from LAX for Gary Rydstrom; Gary Friedman, MPSE, for videotaping the event; Scott Jennings, MPSE, for demonstrating sound effects editing in the lobby; Mark Lanza, MPSE, for helping with the setup; and President David Bondelevitch, MPSE, for providing general support in so many ways throughout planning and execution of the sound show.
  • Scott G.G. Haller, MPSE for his tireless efforts in producing a very successful event.
  • And Dane A. Davis, MPSE, and Gary Rydstrom, MPSE, for giving their time and energies to present a highly informative and entertaining show.