"Big Movie Sound"" A Big Success!

"It was really a wonderful, wonderful evening, and I'm really glad to see that we had such a good turnout for the show -- Gary and Dane are both great speakers, and it was a beautiful presentation from start to finish."
Cinematheque Staff Member

"As a feature writer and director, I greatly valued their detailed insights
into their art and process... I encourage you to present similar shows for all other aspects of sound"

--Cinematheque Audience Member

"Perfect for the lay audience, the best group to spread the word about sound editing."
--MPSE Audience Member

"Congrats to Scott, David, and all those who helped out with the great success of last night's Big Movie Sound Event in Hollywood. Special thanks to Scott GG are in order for a great job - well done!"
-- Hudson

"The event was amazing and I look forward to the second one!"
--Cinematheque Audience Member

"That was so cool!"
--Countless Audience Members

If you enjoyed this show on sound effects and would like to see more, please send any comments and suggestions to Let us know if there are other movies you would like to see presented this way. We could also look at music, Foley, dialogue and ADR editing.