Big Movie Sound Effects

2004 - Behind the Scenes and Out of the Speakers

Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 7:30 p.m.
Lloyd E. Rigler Theater in the Egyptian Theater
6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Gary Rydstrom Talks About "Jurassic Park"
Dane A. Davis Talks About "The Matrix"

Co-Produced by the Motion Picture Sound Editors and the American Cinematheque.

Los Angeles moviegoers had an unusual treat last summer: On one night, in the heart of Hollywood, the Motion Picture Sound Editors and American Cinematheque presented “Big Movie Sound Effects: Behind the Scenes and Out of the Speakers.”

This provided a chance for the public to learn how those cool sounds for big science fiction movies are made. Dane A. Davis, MPSE, and Gary Rydstrom, MPSE, talked about their Oscar and MPSE Golden Reel Award winning work as Supervising Sound Editors/Re-Recording Mixers/Sound Designers on THE MATRIX and JURASSIC PARK. Our guests discussed the dramatic purpose and the processes they used to create the unique aural effects, giving a clear and rare demonstration of the craft of motion picture sound.

This program was made possible with support from Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Worldlink Digital, Wexler Video, DTS, and Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

If you enjoyed this show on sound effects and would like to see more, please send any comments and suggestions to Let us know if there are other movies you would like to see presented this way. We could also look at music, Foley, dialogue and ADR editing.