2011 Golden Reel Award Nominees: Other

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*all winners highlighted in red

Best Sound Editing: Computer Episodic Entertainment

A Drop of True Blood - "Sam"
House M.D. "Nurse Jeffrey"
Wild Grinders

Best Sound Editing: Computer Interactive Entertainment

Disney Epic Mickey
Fable 3
Final Fantasy 14
Lost Planet 2
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Best Sound Editing: Direct to Video - Animation

Batman: Under the Red Hood
DC Showcase: Jonah Hex
Family Guy: It's A Trap
The Penguins of Madagascar "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge"
Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Best Sound Editing: Direct to Video - Live Action

30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Caprica "Apotheosis"
Lost Boys: The Thirst

Best Sound Editing: Special Venue

Journey to Mecca
MacGillivray Freeman's Arabia
Under the Sea 3D

Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing for Student Filmmakers

The Confession
En Route
Stanley Pickle
Zbigniev's Cupboard