Eligible Feature Film List

For 2009 we have decided to publish our list of Eligible Feature Films on the web, instead of mailing it out with the ballot to our members. We hope that this will allow us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date version of the list possible. There are links on the right side of the page to each of the lists.

Please take the time to make sure any films you have worked on are included on these lists. This list will be updated as frequently as possible. We are aware that some films that have not yet opened are not on the list yet.

A few reminders about rules:

From the MPSE Golden Reel Rules, page 3:

1. All entries shall be eligible only in the form in which they are initially released in the United States.


10. Feature films must have been released commercially during the calendar year of consideration, and must have run for at least one week in a public theater, in the United States. Festivals and private screenings do not qualify nor prevent qualification. For Foreign Features, the year of consideration is the year of U.S. release.

Please be sure to Download the Complete Rules if you have any questions.