President's Message

Dear Members:

I am honored to join the ranks of the many distinguished people who have served before me as president of the MPSE. Each has brought their own unique leadership to this organization.

As our technology has progressed from film to a variety of digital audio workstations, there is a need to help our members to continue to be proficient sound editors, within this constantly evolving technology. I am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with innovative and devoted board members who share in this idea.

The MPSE has just concluded an outstanding Sound Show featuring DreamWorks/ Paramount Pictures "Transformers."  This was the our first collaborative endeavor including Sound Supervisor/Sound Designer Ethan Van Der Ryn, Sound Designer Erik Aadahl, and ILM Animator Scott Benza.  As an extra attraction the sound was played through an audio system developed by Meyer Sound Laboratories.  We look forward to more collaborative events that seek to reveal the various aspects of "movie making"... it is more than meets the eye!

In the future you can look forward to other ways that the MPSE will benefit you as a member. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions or ideas that you may have.

It is a pleasure to serve you.


Bobbi Banks
Motion Picture Sound Editors